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  • Basic Components of Training

    Institute for Mindset, Resilience & Innovation follows the three-step LIT framework "Learn, Internalize, Teach" that includes:


    a) Mastery of the basic components of the scientific theory that supports mindset shifts, transformation, self-regulation power and influence.

    b) Personal integration of the theory

    c) Practice in speaking about neuroscience to ignite growth mindset in audiences.


    The "learn component" involves attending three full-day intensives, three evening meetings, and further study of the resources suggested.


    The "internalize" component of the program involves:

    a) Creating action plans

    b) Engaging in reflection and meditation exercises throughout the months in between meetings

    c) Implementing insights into your day-to-day operations and interactions with staff and clients.

    d) Writing about your implementation and sharing with Stefanie and the group. Your action plans and implementation insights will be personally responded to by Stefanie via email throughout the program.


    The "teach" component involves:

    a) Sharing your insights and ideas at the meetings

    b) Presenting your project/idea to a group of invited guests at the Graduation Showcase.

    Time Involvement

    We assume that people already have full lives with their family and work commitments; however the ability to carve out several hours per month is a necessary prerequisite for involvement in this program. Participants should be able to attend at least one of the full-day intensives plus Graduation Showcase. Team meetings can be attended via video conference; 1-on-1 coaching can happen through email and video/phone chat.


    The timeline is as follows (feedback from candidates will be used to finalize dates):


    • First full-weekend intensive: May 19-20, 2018
    • Project proposals and 1-on-1 support/feedback: May - October
    • Email / 1-on-1 coaching and implementation: May -June 2018
    • Team Meeting + FAQ Session: Sunday June 24, 2018
    • Personal Reflection, Rest, Reading: All of July 2018
    • Email / 1-on-1 coaching and implementation: August 2018
    • Team Meeting + FAQ Session: Sunday August 19, 2018
    • Email / 1-on-1 coaching and implementation: September 2018
    • Team Meeting + FAQ Session: Sunday September 9, 2018
    • Final full-day intensive: October, 2018 (date TBD)
    • Graduation and Project Showcase: October 2018 (TBD)


    Until May 5th, Early Bird Tuition for the six-month iMRI is $1997. After May 5th, the cost is $2895. You have the option of paying in four installments – one upon acceptance as a refundable deposit (with cancellation no less than four weeks before the program start), two monthly payments, and the final payment due by the end of the fourth month of the program (August). Tuition includes mentorship from Stefanie, all of the resources (live and recorded), three full-day intensives, two monthly Q & A meetings, and personalized feedback to help you create and implement your project/idea and present it to an audience.


    Please note that in order to offer the highest level of support for the program, price will be going up significantly for next year’s cohort. If you’re interested in this training, and you can commit to the above timeline, I highly encourage you to apply! Just send me an email using the form below.


    How to Apply

    Individuals must fill out the email form so we can set up a quick phone call. Upon receipt of your email submission, Stefanie will contact you within 7-10 days via email to schedule a chat and give you details to complete your registration.


    The entry point into the program at this time is May 19, 2018, with applications due by April 20th, 2018.


    Please use the form below if you have any questions about the details of the program or special circumstances that need to be considered.


  • Take your career to a new level with the iMRI training intensive.

  • Q: What’s different about the iMRI compared with other professional development?

    A: Neuroscience is the core curriculum, not an addition

    The biggest difference between the Institute for Mindset, Resilience & Innovation intensive and other staff training is that neuroscience and neurobiology information are the centerpiece of the curriculum, rather than a side-note.


    The reason for this is that my experience and research show that when people truly understand and internalize the mechanics, and ‘inner workings’ of the mind, mental states, emotions, they are better able to

    a) replicate it because these processes are now conscious, and

    b) explain it to others because they have the correct wording for it and a step-by-step explanation, rather than noticing things without knowing ‘why’.

  • Q: What kind of training or experience do I need to qualify for this training?

    A: You do not need any type of formal schooling; however, this training is not for everyone...

    I am looking for people who are curious, passionate, and wanting to help others expand into their highest potential.


    I'm also looking for people who are strong presenters or project planners. I'll be looking for graduates who can help me facilitate these workshops either within their own organization, or from requests received through my website. However, not all graduates will want to facilitate - I have some people who want to create small group-led therapy sessions, for example, using the framework.


    To be considered as a candidate for this program, please send me a quick email with Mindset Neuroscience Teacher in the subject line, so I can find out more about you and I'll send you more details!

  • Questions?

    Send your name, email and iMRI in the subject line using the form below

    + your reason for wanting to join this training.


    I'll get back to you within 7-10 days with more details!