For thought-leaders and change-makers

  • Join an exclusive group of inspiring leaders

    to help you facilitate your own neuroscience workshops

    and design a neuroscience-supported plan, project or idea

    to promote growth mindset in your business, school or community

    Basic Components of Training

    The Mindset Leadership Institute follows the three-step LIT framework "Learn, Internalize, Teach" that includes:


    a) Mastery of the basic components of the scientific theory that supports mindset shifts, transformation, power and influence.

    b) Personal integration of the theory

    c) Practice in combining science with the art of innovation and empathic influence.


    The "learn component" involves attending two full-day intensives, one evening meeting, and further study of the resources suggested.


    The "internalize" component of the program involves:

    a) Creating action plans

    b) Engaging in reflection and meditation exercises throughout the months in between meetings

    b) Implementing insights into your day-to-day operations and interactions with staff and clients.

    c) Writing about your implementation and sharing with Stefanie and the group. Your action plans and implementation insights will be personally responded to by Stefanie via email throughout the program.


    The "teach" component involves:

    a) Sharing your insights and ideas at the meetings

    b) Presenting your project/idea to a group of invited guests at the Graduation Showcase.

    Time Involvement

    We assume that people already have full lives with their family and work commitments; however the ability to carve out several hours per month is a necessary prerequisite for involvement in this program.


    The timeline is as follows (feedback from candidates will be used to finalize dates):


    First full-day intensive: Sunday March 11, 2018

    Second full-day intensive: Sunday May 20, 2018

    Third full-day intensive: Sunday June 24, 2018

    Final workshop: end of August, 2018

    Project proposals and 1-on-1 support/feedback: April to end of August

    Graduation and Project Showcase: September 2018



    Tuition for the six-month Mindset Neuroscience Teacher Training is $1997. You have the option of paying in three installments – one upon acceptance, one month later, and the final payment due by the end of the second month of the program. Tuition includes mentorship from Stefanie, all of the resources (live and recorded), three full-day intensives, and personalized feedback to help you create and implement your project/idea and present it to an audience.

    How to Apply

    Individuals must fill out an application form to see if they are the right fit for the program. Upon receipt of your application, Stefanie will contact you within 7-10 days via email with additional questions or with details to complete your registration.


    The entry point into the program at this time is May 11, 2018, with applications due by February 20th, 2018. Please note that applications are not considered until candidates have completed the application form.


    Please use the form below if you have any questions about the details of the program or special circumstances that need to be considered.


    Click here to fill out the application form

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