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    In these interactive workshops, you'll learn how to talk about neuroscience in ways that:

    Maximize Each Person's UNIQUE Brain Architecture

    Move out of old, factory-model education.


    Get a deeper understanding of how brains are built, how mindsets are formed, and how every person can be inspired to utilize their unique brain architecture to discover their talent and ability to learn.


    Inspire Perseverance

    Stop using generic 'motivational' talk that everyone's already heard before.


    Instead, learn the concrete neuroscience principles about how the brain learns, and get new language to resonate with others about the importance of struggle, effort, and persistence for building powerful brain architecture.

    Lower Fear of Failure

    Growth mindset articles talk about 'celebrating mistakes'. You can talk about it all you want, but if you don't truly understand the principle behind it, you won't come across as authentic.


    What you can do: Learn the brain mechanics behind mistakes and why they lead to brain growth so that you really believe what you're saying and can apply it to your own life (which will help others believe you when you talk about it).

    Increase Self-Awareness

    Without being aware of our own patterns and expectations, it's hard to try to shift our mindset.


    Find out how 'back-to-front' development brain development can help you re-evaluate your staff or teachers' ability to model executive functioning skills and self-regulation, and inspire higher levels of self-awarenes and reflection.

    Cultivate Psychological Safety

    What most growth mindset talk leaves out is the most critical ingredient for our ability to access the brain in ways that get us to learn anything. Without creating a sense of safety, you can forget trying to talk to people about changing their mindset.


    A better approach? Create science-informed conditions of 'psychological safety' in the workplace or classroom by understanding the neurobiology of social engagement systems - one of the keys to helping evolved brain systems be as accessible as possible for learning.

  • "[...] fabulous, helpful, thought-provoking, growth-oriented training. I benefited more from this experience than I have from whole classes on brain development, entire textbooks on brain research and multiday educational conferences. I know I am a better teacher for this morning’s experience. Heartfelt thanks." 


    - Michele, Public School Teacher & Thought Leader, Kansas City MO

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