• Learn more about the iMRI facilitator training

    See below for requirements and suggestions to prepare you for the training

  • Before you apply


    Check out the online resources

    Check out the three suggestions below to find out more about Mindset Neuroscience content.

    Mindset Neuroscience 101 is the online prerequisite course that needs to be completed before attending the iMRI.


    Attend the online course

    If you're serious about attending the iMRI, the best way to start is to enroll in the Mindset Neuroscience 101. You'll get the fee for this course deducted from the iMRI tuition if you decide to apply and are accepted.


    Download the program guide

    The program guide will give you an overview of what will be covered and what the commitment is to complete the iMRI training.

    Read through this before filling out the email form to apply.


    Apply for the facilitator training

    After you've read the program guide, fill out the email form below and tell us about yourself. The team will contact you to set up an interview. If you're a good fit for the program, we'll give you next steps for registering.



    This online course is a pre-requisite that needs to be completed before starting the iMRI facilitator training.


    You can join the course and get a sense of the material, and if you'd like to continue to train as a facilitator, you can apply for the iMRI. If accepted, you'll get the fee of this course deducted from your tuition.


    You can also simply attend the online training as a standalone course! You'll receive a certificate of completion once you finish.


    This podcast will give you a sense of the content and style of material you'll learn at the facilitator training.


    There are 12 episodes, and some bonus episodes will air in 2019.


    It's highly recommended you listen to these before you attend the iMRI training, as it will give you a deeper understanding of the concepts and will help you get clarity on what you might like to focus on during the facilitator training.


    Listen & Subscribe to podcast


    These introductory videos will give you a very basic, easy-to-understand view of the content that will be covered in the facilitator training.


    They are focused primarily on growth mindset, whereas the facilitator training will have a higher emphasis on psychological safety.


    Check these out as a quick intro; however, the podcast goes much more in depth and is more closely aligned with the iMRI content.