Learn how to use neuroscience to inspire growth mindset,
    increase self-awareness, and spark innovation

  • Cultivate growth mindset with
    neuroscience-informed, interactive training

  • Q: What’s different about Mindset Neuroscience workshops compared with other professional development?

    A: Neuroscience is the core curriculum, not an addition

    The biggest difference between Mindset Neuroscience and other staff training is that neuroscience and neurobiology information are the centerpiece of the curriculum, rather than a side-note.


    The reason for this is that when people truly understand and internalize the mechanics, and ‘inner workings’ of the mind, mental states, emotions, they are better able to

    a) replicate it because these processes are now conscious, and

    b) explain it to others because they have the correct wording for it and a step-by-step explanation, rather than noticing things without knowing ‘why’.