• Basic Components of Training

    May-June: Online training videos focused on Mindset

    June 24 (Day 1 of Summit): Focus will be on Resilience and Psychological Safety

    June 25 (Day 2 of Summit): Focus will be on Innovation

    The two-day iMRI Summit will be both a time of training in Mindset Resilience and a space to explore Mindset Innovation with Summit guests and attendees. Attendees will be platformed to bring these new Mindset Neuroscience concepts into their current work.


    The Mindset, Resilience & Innovation training program follows the three-step LIT framework "Learn, Internalize, Teach" that includes:


    The "learn component" involves 

    a) Completing the prerequisite Mindset Neuroscience 101 online course.

    b) Attending the in-person intensive training in June, four group meetings, and further study of the resources suggested.



    The "internalize" component of the program involves:

    a) Creating action plans

    b) Engaging in reflection and meditation exercises

    c) Brainstorming how to integrate neuroscience insights into your work




    The "teach" component involves:

    a) Sharing your insights and ideas with the group

    b) Creating a presentation, project, document that you present to your organization or community after the weekend intensive

    Time Involvement

    The two-day summit will be approximately 8 hours each day with breaks throughout. Participants will be welcome to join a dinner the evening before the summit in order to network and connect.


    The timeline is as follows :

    • Complete video lessons from Mindset Neuroscience 101:  May to June 
    • Weekend Summit: June 24-25, 2019


    Tuition includes the online Mindset Neuroscience 101 video course, the intensive in-person training workshop, and personalized feedback to help you create and implement your project/idea. The investment for this training is $1997.


    How to Apply

    To be considered a candidate for this programs, individuals must fill out the email form so we can set up a quick phone call. Upon receipt of your email submission, an iMRI advisor will contact you within 7-10 days via email to schedule a chat and give you details to complete your registration.


    The next summit will be June 24-25 2019.


    If you’re interested in this training, and you can commit to the above timeline, please go to the application form at the bottom of the page


  • Unlike most training programs, I not just learned concepts, I was supported in creating my own specific training to use in my daily work. Every time I've presented the material I've gotten tremendous feedback, including "Best conference session I've ever attended." I invite you to look into it...

    - Kristy Rooney, iMRI 2018 graduate

  • Q: What kind of training or experience do I need to qualify for this training?

    A: While you must take the Mindset Neuroscience 101 as a prerequisite,
    you do not need any type of formal schooling;

    however, this training is not for everyone...


    We are looking for people who are curious, passionate, and wanting to help others expand into their highest potential.



    To be considered as a candidate for this program, please fill out the form on the application page so we can find out more about you and send you more details!