• "My colleagues and I listen and re-listen to ALL of your episodes. They've helped us with our clinical practice and our family relationships." - V.C., Australia


    Episodes include:

  • Learn to 'teach' the science of growth mindset


    (from someone who's worked as a neuroscience researcher and has been teaching this for over a decade to thousands of people around the world)


    In this training, you'll Iearn to:

    • use my tried-and-true methods for creating buy-in from staff, clients, or students who are resistant to change by explaining the neuroscience of learning 
    • increase your confidence in talking about research by using my easy-to-understand content that inspires self-awareness and growth without being cheesy
    • apply a step-by-step framework I've been using for years to teach the 'neuroscience of growth mindset' to thousands of clients from all ages, industries, and cultures.
    For educators, consultants, business leaders or community advocates
  • Institute for Mindset, Resilience & Innovation (iMRI)

    The iMRI is a project-based, neuroscience- informed training program
    exploring how to optimize the mind-brain-body system, and how to help others transform their mindset so they can optimize their learning and achieve their goals.

    Next cohort will begin late summer 2019! Details will be posted by February 2019.


    In the meantime, check out the resources on this page.


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