• Mindset Neuroscience

    Institute for Mindset, Resilience & Innovation

  • Looking to enhance your professional skills?

    Might be time to add some neuroscience!

  • The Institute for Mindset, Resilience and Innovation (iMRI)
    is a multi-faceted training program
    aimed at helping you
    integrate neuroscience and mindset into your work.


    Participants gain mastery of the basic components of neuroscience that support mindset shifts capable of achieving true transformation for participants and their clients alike.

  • Basic Components of Training

    The Institute for Mindset, Resilience & Innovation training program follows the three-step LIT framework "Learn, Internalize, Teach" that includes:
    a) Mastery of the basic components of the scientific theory that supports mindset shifts, transformation, self-regulation, power and influence.
    b) Personal integration of the theory
    c) Practice in speaking about neuroscience to ignite growth mindset in audiences.


    The "learn component" involves 

    a) Completing the prerequisite Mindset Neuroscience 101 online course.

    b) Attending the in-person intensive training in June, four group meetings, and further study of the resources suggested.



    The "internalize" component of the program involves:

    a) Creating action plans

    b) Engaging in reflection and meditation exercises throughout the months in between meetings

    c) Implementing insights into your day-to-day operations and interactions with staff and clients.

    d) Writing about your implementation and sharing with the group.



    The "teach" component involves:

    a) Sharing your insights and ideas at the meetings

    b) Creating a presentation, project, document that you present to your organization or community

    b) Presenting your project/idea to a group of invited guests at the Graduation Showcase.

    Time Involvement

    We assume that people already have full lives with their family and work commitments; however the ability to carve out several hours per month is a necessary prerequisite for involvement in this program. Participants should be able to attend at least one of the full-day intensives plus Graduation Showcase. Team meetings can be attended via video conference; group feedback sessions can happen through email and video/phone chat.


    The timeline is as follows :

    • Complete video lessons from Mindset Neuroscience 101:  May to June 
    • First full-weekend intensive: June 24-25, 2019
    • Project proposals and group support/feedback: July-August 2019
    • Team Meetings occur each month on zoom or in person - dates TBD
    • Reading assignments: each month
    • Presentations to your host organization:  August-September 2019
    • Graduation and Project Showcase: October 2019 



    Tuition includes mentorship from iMRI Alumni, all of the resources (live and recorded), the online Mindset Starter Kit video course, intensive in-person training workshop, four monthly Q & A meetings, and personalized feedback to help you create and implement your project/idea and present it to an audience. The investment for this 6-month training plus the continuous alumni status is $2997. Payment plans are available.


    How to Apply

    To be considered a candidate for this programs, individuals must fill out the email form so we can set up a quick phone call. Upon receipt of your email submission, an iMRI advisor will contact you within 7-10 days via email to schedule a chat and give you details to complete your registration.


    The next cohort will begin in June 2019.



    If you’re interested in this training, and you can commit to the above timeline, please go to the application form at the bottom of the page


  • Unlike most training programs, I not just learned concepts, I was supported in creating my own specific training to use in my daily work. Every time I've presented the material I've gotten tremendous feedback, including "Best conference session I've ever attended." I invite you to look into it...

    - Kristy Rooney, iMRI 2018 graduate

  • Q: What kind of training or experience do I need to qualify for this training?

    A: While you must take the Mindset Neuroscience 101 as a prerequisite,
    you do not need any type of formal schooling;

    however, this training is not for everyone...


    We are looking for people who are curious, passionate, and wanting to help others expand into their highest potential.



    To be considered as a candidate for this program, please fill out the form on the application page so we can find out more about you and send you more details!


  • Download and read the program guide

    before filling out the email form below!

  • Apply for the 2019 iMRI Facilitator Training Program

    Tell us about yourself and why you're interested in the program.  

    A team member will contact you within 7-10 business days.  

    If you're a good fit, we'll set up a brief phone interview to explore next steps!