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  • Mindset Neuroscience™ Facilitators

    These innovators and leaders will deliver interactive, neuroscience-informed workshops
    to help your staff build resilient, growth-oriented mindsets


    Elijah began their career as a teacher of the visually impaired in Chicago Public Schools. In that time, they further explored their interests in promoting social, emotional, and behavioral health in schools, restorative justice, and political activism. Elijah became involved in the Chicago Teachers Union and started the LGBTQIA+ Committee. Elijah recently began pursuing a Master of Social Work at the University of Illinois at Chicago with the intention of becoming a school social worker.


    "Growth and change is always possible on individual, community, societal, and global levels. The paradox is that in order to drive that change towards a different reality, you must accept and engage with the present reality."



    Martine has recently completed her PhD in Positive Psychology and has created counseling programs for groups and schools in France. Her team is translating and integrating content from the iMRI program to teach people in France about growth mindset, resilience and psychological safety. 


    You can find out more about her work at PlanetePsychologiePositive.com


    J.D. is the owner of Performance Consulting International, a management consultancy that provides leadership and professional development training, executive coaching services, and process facilitation to a range of global clients, including JP Morgan/Chase, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, the United Nations, Cisco Systems and The Federal Reserve Bank.


    J.D. specializes in workplace communication and group dynamics, and is especially interested in the ways that mindset and neuroscience can help us learn how to better deliver high-quality feedback in the workplace.


    Kristy Rooney is from "SPAM Town USA" Austin, MN. She is a coordinator in Adult Basic Ed, serving GED Students. It was in problem solving student retention and resilience there that she set on a mission to find a "missing key". What she found in Mindset Neuroscience has been making an impact on both her program and the lives of her students. She now speaks throughout Minnesota, educating others in the ABE world of M.N. using Abesuccesslab.com as a continuing communication piece. She gained such a passion for this work that she also works independently with it at TheTidySoul.com.


    "Once you understand how your brain, mind and thoughts work, and sometimes work against you, you are empowered to live a life closer to who you truly are."


    Maria graduated in music performance from the Royal Northern College of Music, UK, and in Psychology from the Open University, UK. Over 15 years of experience teaching and learning from parents, children and colleagues in UK, Spain and Mexico, training teachers and organising educational events, has prompted her to continue learning in new directions. Her dream is to enable people to create change from the inside, and optimize their relationships, learning, and creativity, by integrating knowledge from a variety of disciplines whilst supporting it with the latest scientific research.



    ​"Unleash your potential from Within"


    Jorge has always been interested in helping people overcome challenges and achieve their goals. He is a firm believer in the promotion of psychological safety, a key principle for effective learning and communication. In addition, Jorge has coached sports for more than 10 years and bases his philosophy on three simple elements: Respect, Creativity and Fun. He believes that modeling is crucial during the learning process. Jorge has also developed his own coaching model that goes with the acronym of S.E.R.A.F., the five basic principles for continuous growth.



    "Coaching is a gift of wisdom that each one of us possesses and it’s enabled when we serve others...”


    Vicky has been integrating and speaking about neuroscience-informed strategies for promoting social-emotional learning and growth mindset to parent groups, and coordinators of various programs within the Community Schools Division of a non-profit organization helping Little Village community members engage in grassroots leadership to confront system inequities and promote social justice and systems change.


    Aileen is a pediatrician in Chicago's inner city, practicing incremental family community health. She is integrating neuroscience and resilience research into various initiatives to promote well-being and positive life outcomes.



    "Live your best life ..laugh, connect, learn about mindset and how to change your way of life, and empower yourself and others to create healthy community in mind, body and spirit."


    Kelsey and Stefanie have been co-creating Science of Learning sessions for analysts at Google.  Kelsey is integrating neuroscience and the art of facilitation to create supportive, growth-mindset oriented learning environments at Google.  She's been developing multiple initiatives, courses, programs for many people worldwide.



    "Letting go of looking smart is when real learning happens."


    Melissa has assembled a mini-team to help her create Growth Mindset Neuroscience Playing Cards.  She has created a series of growth mindset sessions for incoming students at Capilano University.  She's also working on how to introduce many of the students to benefit from the amazing natural beauty in British Columbia.
  • Support Staff


    Isaiah Makar is a spoken word artist, event planner and founder of Impact Makars. He helped plan and emcee the Inaguaral 2018 Graduation Showcase.


    You can find out more about his work at impactmakars.com

  • Leadership Team

    Stefanie Frank, MA

    Founder of Mindset Neuroscience™

    learn more about stefanie at: stefaniefayefrank.com

  • Program Advisors & Lead Facilitators

    JD Lanigan

    Program Advisor & Facilitator

    Kristy Rooney

    Program Advisor & Facilitator

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  • Learn more about the iMRI facilitator training

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  • Before you apply


    Check out the online resources

    Check out the three suggestions below to find out more about Mindset Neuroscience content.

    Mindset Neuroscience 101 is the online prerequisite course that needs to be completed before attending the iMRI.


    Attend the online course

    If you're serious about attending the iMRI, the best way to start is to enroll in the Mindset Neuroscience 101. You'll get the fee for this course deducted from the iMRI tuition if you decide to apply and are accepted.


    Download the program guide

    The program guide will give you an overview of what will be covered and what the commitment is to complete the iMRI training.

    Read through this before filling out the email form to apply.


    Apply for the facilitator training

    After you've read the program guide, fill out the email form below and tell us about yourself. The team will contact you to set up an interview. If you're a good fit for the program, we'll give you next steps for registering.

  • Mindset Neuroscience Podcast

    Learn the science of growth mindset and how to implement it in your work and daily life.

  • Mindset Neuroscience 101

    The "Mindset StarterKit"

    Learn how to use neuroscience to inspire growth mindset

  • Basic Components of Training

    May-June: Online training videos focused on Mindset

    June 24 (Day 1 of Summit): Focus will be on Resilience and Psychological Safety

    June 25 (Day 2 of Summit): Focus will be on Innovation

    The two-day iMRI Summit will be both a time of training in Mindset Resilience and a space to explore Mindset Innovation with Summit guests and attendees. Attendees will be platformed to bring these new Mindset Neuroscience concepts into their current work.


    The Mindset, Resilience & Innovation training program follows the three-step LIT framework "Learn, Internalize, Teach" that includes:


    The "learn component" involves 

    a) Completing the prerequisite Mindset Neuroscience 101 online course.

    b) Attending the in-person intensive training in June, four group meetings, and further study of the resources suggested.



    The "internalize" component of the program involves:

    a) Creating action plans

    b) Engaging in reflection and meditation exercises

    c) Brainstorming how to integrate neuroscience insights into your work




    The "teach" component involves:

    a) Sharing your insights and ideas with the group

    b) Creating a presentation, project, document that you present to your organization or community after the weekend intensive

    Time Involvement

    The two-day summit will be approximately 8 hours each day with breaks throughout. Participants will be welcome to join a dinner the evening before the summit in order to network and connect.


    The timeline is as follows :

    • Complete video lessons from Mindset Neuroscience 101:  May to June 
    • Weekend Summit: June 24-25, 2019


    Tuition includes the online Mindset Neuroscience 101 video course, the intensive in-person training workshop, and personalized feedback to help you create and implement your project/idea. The investment for this training is $1997.


    How to Apply

    To be considered a candidate for this programs, individuals must fill out the email form so we can set up a quick phone call. Upon receipt of your email submission, an iMRI advisor will contact you within 7-10 days via email to schedule a chat and give you details to complete your registration.


    The next summit will be June 24-25 2019.


    If you’re interested in this training, and you can commit to the above timeline, please go to the application form at the bottom of the page


  • Unlike most training programs, I not just learned concepts, I was supported in creating my own specific training to use in my daily work. Every time I've presented the material I've gotten tremendous feedback, including "Best conference session I've ever attended." I invite you to look into it...

    - Kristy Rooney, iMRI 2018 graduate

  • Q: What kind of training or experience do I need to qualify for this training?

    A: While you must take the Mindset Neuroscience 101 as a prerequisite,
    you do not need any type of formal schooling;

    however, this training is not for everyone...


    We are looking for people who are curious, passionate, and wanting to help others expand into their highest potential.



    To be considered as a candidate for this program, please fill out the form on the application page so we can find out more about you and send you more details!


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